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Testimonials - What some of Rae of Light's clients are saying....

"My name is Chris.I was involved in a serious construction accident.I broke my neck in
four places. My vertebrae crushed into one another and between C-3 & C-7 I have no
disc's. Broke my collar bone and my AC joint. I have been in chronic pain for four long
years.Until one day God lead me to Rae Minear, CMT. We chatted a while filled out
some paper work on my injuries. I told Rae my pain starts in my neck and head area ,
shoulder and works it way down my entire body. My life is a living misery of constant
pain. Scheduled a appointment with Rae. I had scheduled a one hour appointment. Rae
used essential oils on me. Different types of oils for the many injured parts of my body.
Rae worked very hard to try and ease the pain I am in. She took two hours working on my
body. She said she will not stop working on a patient because your time was up when
your body really needs treatment. This was the first time in four agonizing years I had
relief of any and all pain. WOW! I was so light headed from the blood acutely flowing
through my body the way god intended it to be. With Rae's knowledge and know how to
utilize different types of massage therapy with the expert knowledge of the essential oils I
can go days free of any pain. Thank You Rae for bringing my mind , body and soul
together as one again. I see Rae every three weeks for maintenance on my body.      
Finally living a quality life."

-Chris pain free in  Arvada ,Co

"I Love Their Positive Energy!!"
-Robin McCoy, School Psychologist, Denver, Colo

"Rae has been my massage therapist AND my "up line" in Young Living Essential Oils for
the past 7 years.  I value her thorough knowledge and experience working with the oils. I
am always confident she will use the correct oils necessary to alleviate my stress of the
day.  I "float" off the massage table feeling whole again."  
Ann Olson Locke - Lookout Mountain, Golden CO

"I had went to Rae with horrible cramps and back pain could hardly stand up straight.
When I left her massage session I felt 310% better my cramps were gone and my back
pain was gone and she also recommended to me and oil to help me with me cramps
called sclaressence I wouldn't be caught with out it. Rae is knowledgeable and awesome
at what she knows and does."
-Thanks ,Toni Buford

"My wife and I have enjoyed and benefited from the therapeutic massages we received
from Rae.  In fact, we will be going back soon.  I also have referred many clients who are
injured in car accidents to her as she has aided in their recovery."

-Brian M. Weiss, Esq. Mintz Law Firm, Lakewood, CO

Rae made me feel comfortable and relaxed in a professional friendly way.
Her healing touch made me realize massage is an important component to my overall
health program."

-Ginny Taylor    

"Sammie & other guys/gals I hope this answers your questions about this great service I
am a customer and I hope I can come back to Denver for another session. I planned to
fly into Denver (DIA) early for a meeting and decided to give the 90 MINUTE MASSAGE
FOR $40 BUCKS a try. I contacted Rae 24 hours in advance and was able to get in with
POSSIBLE DID ZZZZZZ OUT ON YOUR TABLE. The massage was one of the best that I
have had and I go regularly 3 times a month min. while I travel.
They are trying to build up there LOCAL business so here is the deal:
No shower, None Sensual - no happy ending, Draping required No Extras don't ask.
They have the $40. for 90 min as a special and it is 90 min of relaxtion.. I tipped which
is strictly optional but you will want to pay more then the $40..
If Rae is available she will take your calls and will return them as well very rare on Craigs
List not getting voice mail and some don't return the call. They are about 45 min to 1
hour drive time from DIA Denver Airport off 70 West.

Please respect their current location it is beautiful"

-Andy from NYS     

"I was a once or twice a year massage kind of person before meeting Rae and her
exceptionally talented team of massage professionals. Everyone at Rae of Light has
taken personal interest in my needs and how they can help through their talented fingers
as well as their vast experience and knowledge of massage techniques. I’ve been to other
masseuses who think a good massage is slathering oil all over you like it was water or just
go through the motions waiting for the session to be over and the next body to come in.
Rae, Halen and Kettrah have worked wonders for me, giving me back my range of motion
(from a fall) and making me feel better than I have in ages. They are wonderful caring
people and you couldn’t ask for a better group of people to spend an hour or hour and
half with."

Daniel Feldman – dba Communications and Marketing - Denver

"I have been getting massages from Diana for eight months now. She is a wonderful
massage therapist and an inspiration to me.  She is a genuine person and a joy to be
with every week for 90 minutes. At her suggestion, I decided to get a massage from
Dustin this past week for some stubborn neck issues that haven’t been cooperating and
letting go. Diana had also had a neck massage from Dustin and said he was very good
and knew a lot about neck and shoulder issues.  So with some hesitation, I did agree to
see Dustin and figured I would give him a try.  I was amazed at how well he was able to
get my body to respond and release a lot of the tightness that had been the problem for
several months now.  I wanted to say thank you to both Diana for suggesting Dustin (that
took a lot of courage) and to Dustin for being able to help my body feel better. I
appreciate what they both have done for me. I look forward to feeling better because of
the two of you.  THANK YOU!!"

Dawn McLoughlin, Evergreen, CO

"I have had a stiff right lumbar muscle and right hip for over 20 years. Rae's "Your
Center" has done more to loosen that hip that years of Chiropractic service."
Richard Godfrey

"I wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the total experience that you
provide with 'Your Center". From the moment you walk in to your building one realizes
that you are very serious with aromatherapy and well being. From the wonderful
fragrances to the relaxing water features and music that are everywhere I start to relax
even before I begin my massage. So far I have experienced the benefits of three of your
masseuses and all have been excellent. I have been an extreme athlete for my whole
life and have used massage as a way to deal with the pains that come with those
adventures (as well as a very bad car accident). Today Dustin gave me a massage that
was right on the spot. I was extremely sore from playing a volleyball tournament the day
before and by using feel and my verbal feedback he was able to use just the right
pressure when and where needed. I have been through a full rolfing series in the past
(which was very painful at times) and he was able to use some of those techniques
(although at a much lighter level) to relieve some tension where a simple swedish
massage would not have done any good. I look forward to future sessions with Dustin and
the healing that I feel he is capable of... (I have had well over 100 massages and I know
what works). I prefer a very strong deep tissue massage and am glad that you have a
masseuse that is capable of this. Although Dustin appeared to be somewhat "holding
back" in our first session (because it's hard for a therapist to really know if a person
REALLY wants a deep massage) I am confident that he can provide the continued relief
that I desire in future sessions once he gets to know my body better.

I also am looking forward to using some of the amazing exercise machines that you
provide at your center as well as delving into the world of essential oils. I'll be back again
soon and intend on becoming a Rae of Light member."

Thank you very much for your services,  Jim Mesojedec

"I have been a client of the Rae of Light Aromatherapy Massages for 4+years and enjoy
it now as much as the very first one.  The biggest difference is the essential oils she uses
for what every ails you. It's the greatest thing I do for myself. The gift certificates are
wonderful for "hard to buy for" people and family members who don't think they
need a massage.  Boy are they wrong, they love it, too.  I love the newspa and the
location is easy to access.  Keep up the good work Rae!!"

Sharon Radford Gordon USPS-Edgewater, co

Tina Snapp, golden, co
"I have never been to a place with such a variety of great therapists. They all have an individual touch and
expertise. They were truly hand selected. "

Chris Roger, Arvada, co, plummer
"Due to the work I do I have broken my neck in four places,my shoulder and my AC joint. I have been going
to Rae of Light Aromatherapy for a couple of years now and my quality of life managing my injuries through
massage therapy and the use of Young Living Essential Oils I live with a very low level of pain! Thank You
Rae of Light."

dana t., morrison, co
"I had horrible carpel tunnel syndrom and thoracic outlet syndrome before I started seeing Rae, I couldn't hang
on to a glass of water without loosing control and dropping things was constant because of the pain and I had
no strength. The pain would radiate down my arm and make my fingers go numb. Rae used essential oils and
worked her magic on my arms and I am pretty much cured except for some occasional bouts and I just need
maintenance every other month. I so appreciate what Rae has done for me and for my family. My daughter
had the same problems as I did and she doesn't complain anymore either. Thank you Rae!! God Bless!!"

"Rae of Light has helped my entire family!"

Matt Paolucci
"She's the best! "

Douglas E., Morrison, Co
"Just what the doctor ordered!!"

Denise Halligan
"Loved the professionalism of the staff!"

Lauren johnson
"They are so friendly and give great deals. I got my first deep tissue massage from them and it was awesome."

Diane Mora, Aurora, Co.
"The essential oils they use with each massage are a wonderful addition to a great massage!"

marie martinez
"I Love the curtious staff!!"

"The best!"

"They are the best!!"

"The massage I receive at Rae Of Light is the best thing I do for myself!! I sleep better, I cope better, I feel
better!! Everyone should do this for their well being!!"

Gary Bland
"It's simply the best !"

Karen Marshall, Evergreen, Co
"Rae of Light is simply the best. A massage with Rae or her staff is the best 90 minutes spent!"

Dawn Buringa, Arvada, Co
"I have been a client of Rae of Light for several years now. I have given over 20 personal referrals to Rae and
have only heard wonderful and positive reactions. I have several physical reasons to see Rae on a regular basis
and she is just what the Dr ordered. I highly recommend her for every massage need. Treat yourself to the
BEST massage in Denver."

"I always feel "put back together" after I am done getting a massage from Rae of Light "

"Snoring, snoozing, ah, the ultimate adult form of a "time out" from stress and daily life's obstacles, If you
don't do this at least once a week, you are missing out!!"

stacy varela, lakewood, co
"the best massage I ever had was from Rae."

Andy Craig, New York
"One of the best massages ever. Very relaxing. Coming from NYS to the Denver area I was a little concerned
about getting a massage in a strange area but Kettrah at Rae of Light took away all my concerns with a
wonderful massage. I can not wait until my next business trip to the Denver area so I can get another
wonderful massage. I wish they were near Upstate NY but you are the lucky ones to have such a wonderful
place to go with Rae as a caring owner. They deserve to be #1 and will always be #1 in my book. Best of luck.

Jeff Brenner
"Very happy with the services here, won't go elsewhere!"

phil trujillo
"They are exceptional. I have had Las Vegas spa quality treatment from them.They are all around
professionals! "

Cheryl Blum Garcia, Lakewood, Co
"I love Rae's messages!!! She is excellent and with the oils it makes it a wonderful experience"

Laurie Spradlin, Confier, Co
"Pricing affordable for the average person, extended hours"

Jane Price
"My massage with Halen was the best ever!"

"Rae of Light is an AROMATHERAPY massage experience. Only therapeutic grade oils are used ...never
perfume grade. And I have found their customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction is beyond
any in the industry. If Susan were to share her comments directly I'm certain they would resolve any issues to
her satisfaction."

Gerri Baron
"I recommend the 90 minute massage."

ralph e fields
"They just are the best -- that simple!"

Kathy Hibler
"They use the highest quality Essential Oils and offer Raindrop therapy."

"After a massage at Rae of Light, I am always relieved of stress areas and muscle aches in my body. I have
always had an incredible relaxing experience. I would recommend Rae of Light to anyone."

"Denver's Very Best Massage."

"I have had massage all over the world and Rae of Light massages are truly the BEST!"

"Numerous great deep tissue massage therapists."

"Massage, essential oils, water falls, serene music, workout machines, etc... they simply have it all."

"Most massages I have had have not had much pressure applied. Here they have people that do apply good
pressure and you actually feel like you had a massage."

Susan Fetzer, Lakewood, CO
"Rae is very attentive and extremely excellent in her profession. She has spent extra time with me and my
back problems. I always feel much better after a message with Rae. "

Heather Gray
"Very informative massage and very relaxing"

Stephanie Prather
"Excellent customer service, communication and quality massage."

Terri Gonzalez, Denver, Co
"I really enjoyed my massage. It was refreshing and I felt wonderful after."

"The personal attention I receive makes me feel special . . . thank you, Rae!"

Wendy Topping
"I love the people that work there and have been going to Rea's for awhile now."

Monica Keltz
"Rae is awesome! The aromatherapy makes it much more relaxing. She knows how to find the sore spots and
make you feel better!! "

Darwin Niekerk, Golden, Co
"Caring, compassionate, strong yet gentle massage - and great essential oils."

George Beard
"Excellent and inexpensive massages."

Natalie Coranado, Parker, CO, Loan Officer
"Rae of Light is absolutely one of the best massages that I have been to. I have had several but the customer
service, staff, essential aromatherapy oils, and owner of the company make it the best! I live in Parker and the
traveling to get there is a bit tough, but definitely worth it! As for the comment from "Jan" below, about the  
Thank you Rae for your wonderful customer service and GREAT prices! God Bless you and your business! "

ed smalley, Golden, Co, Lawyer
"As an amateur motorcycle road racer, tennis player, and attorney I get more than my share of injuries and
stress. Rae and her troops help keep me in the game."

"Great staff, Rea is the best!"

Dorri Griffin, Lakewood, Co
"I had an amazing "couples massage" experience at Rae of Light. The atmosphere and friendliness of the staff
was inviting and comforting. The use of Young Living Essential Oils during the massage gave it a special touch
as they used certain oils personalized for your needs."

Karen Crewse, Lakewood, CO, Paramedic
"Friendly staff. Love holistic medicine!!"

Doug Carney, Morrison, Co, Machanic
"I ALWAYS have great experiences at Rae of Light. They have the most wonderful and polite staff. They
really love their clients. I can't wait to sign up for the massage and gym membership for myself and my whole
family. I have had a lot of massages in my life but never with ESSENTIAL OILS. The oils enhanced the
experience to the point I will never have a massage without them. Thank you Rae! "

Q, Golden, Co, Gilpin County, Engineer
"Awesome massages from Rae of Light due to the incredibly knowledgeable staff having very powerful
healing essential oils. That alone sets Rae of Light apart, but now, when you factor in the vibrational gym and
the "Experience" to the overall package, you truly have the Best massage in Denver (Colorado/America?)

Brieanna Mercer
"Love them!!!"

Kimberly Kelly
"I have never been here but plan on going since I have heard many good things about them."

"Aromatherapy is way better than regular, and they rock."

"They're so awesome!!!!!!!"

Allison Hajek, Lakewood, Co, Home Maker
"I ONLY let Rae and her Massage therapists massage me now, because of their refined skills and the

Thanesha Briggs, Morrison, Co, Morgage Loan Officer
"Very professional and dedicated to clients."

"Very friendly, wide variety of staff and options for therapists. Great massages and wonderful on line
scheduling. "

Kris Langfield, Arvada, Co, Obron Middle School
"I've never had a massage in a more inviting, relaxing environment. I found out about Rae of Light from a co-
work who goes on a regular basis. I go as a once in awhile treat for myself. Aromatherapy is the best. I always
feel like "mush" girl afterward because they do so a good job. "

Tina Giuffre, Singer
"The aromatherapy massage is outstanding. I feel like a new person when done with the massage."

jerry farmer, Littleton, Co, Retired
"have had a lower back issue for years, great relief from Rae of Light massages"

"Rae has helped my whole family through injuries and emotional times with her wonderful aromatherapy

"Just the best, have had several massages from other "high end" places and I rather just have a good massage
which Rae of Light provides."

"Just amazing! I bought one of the oils that they used on me and I'm still glowing! I truly feel renewed!"

"Amazing technique."

Kevin Medina
"They are professional,courteous, and have a great knowledge of massage."

Rick A.
"Just the best. Never had a better massage. They take their time. "

edward sternad
"qualified and knowledgeable personnel who are the best i have ever encountered. atmosphere presented
makes you feel like you are in "heaven". "

"Great Customer Service! Always makes you feel welcome and it is a very calming atmosphere! They are the
best around...great touch in all that they do!"

Jeff Pothast
"They are the best"

Kim O
"Rae can actually "feel" where you hurt with her fingers. You don't even have to tell her."

Shannon Gribble
"They are wonderful! Their massages are the best I have had and their pricing is great too!"

Thai Intarakamhang
"By far the best. I've been to several other places for massages but only Rae of Light has really made me feel
100% satisfied!"

"I will ONLY have a massage now with the essential oils!! I can't believe I have been getting massages all my
life without them. If you don't have a massage with the oils then you are missing out!!"

"Great massage therapist! They know how to treat clients."

"I love the oils!!! Thank you!!"

"The therapists they have on staff are truly gifted. I had lots of back pain earlier this summer and I went in to
see what could be done. They relieved my pain and I was back to normal within a day. Thanks so much Rae!"

Gordon Baron
"Very knowledgeable."

Sandy Lacey
"They couldn't be nicer or do a better job on an aching body."

Andy Craig
"One of the best massage's and a great massage staff. Hope Rae of Light wins the Top Award it would be well

Cindi Markwell
"Great massages at "affordable" prices. "

Sara Davenport
"Rae's knowledge of therapeutic essential oils is exceptional. Enjoying them in a massage is well worth a visit!"

"Rae has always taken a medical approach to massage. The essential oils make it that much better."

"Friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Great prices too!"

"I've had the pleasure of experiencing all of your therapists -- its impossible to choose a favorite! I never want
to have another massage without your awesome oils!!"

"Massage therapists are better than any exotic resort spa I have ever been to. "

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