Rae Marie, CMT Proudly Uses Only Young Living Essential Oils-
Why ONLY Young Living?
It is important to know that only 2% of the essential oils produced in the world are for therapeutic
use.  Young Living is the largest grower, producer, buyer and seller of that 2%, which is therapeutic.

It is also very important to know that legally in the USA, our labeling laws say that even if an
essential oil only has 5% essential oil in it and the rest is cut with synthetic carcinogenic chemicals,
that company that sells that essential oil can legally put on their label "100% Pure Essential Oil".
Young Living is the only company that has met AFNOR ISO standards which is a very strict
French standard that means that each chemical constituent has to be tested and must meet a very
tight percentage range.  (FYI an essential oil can have anywhere from 80-300 chemical constituents).

For more detailed information about therapeutic essential oils, please see About Therapeutic Grade
Essential Oils.
I Look Forward to Assisting You on Your Healing Journey!
About Rae Marie
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Rae Marie, CMT received her massage therapy certificate at
Colorado School of Healing Arts in June of 1999. She has
been practicing massage for 12 years now and proudly uses
only Young Living Essential Oils in her practice.

She has now a client base of over 2,000 clients and hopes to
expand her massage business in the near future to a multiple
therapist establishment.

Rae is insured through ABMP, Associated Bodywork &
Massage Professionals.

Rae's specialties include: Injury, Pain reduction, auto
accidents, health and auto accident insurance accepted, deep
tissue, neuromuscular re-education, swedish, Therapeutic
Grade Essential Oils.
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